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On Sunday 12th June 2016 many of you came along to celebrate the Queen’s 90th Birthday by joining in our Tea Party in the Village Hall and we had a great turn out. Thank you all so much for coming! (The weather wasn’t too bad either!)

The selection of food was amazing – sandwiches, scones, cupcakes, cakes, crispies and jellies all accompanied by a cup of tea or two! Thank you again to all those who baked scones or cakes.
Pic1QueenAs you know there was a Right Royal Quiz which you possibly found a little challenging unless you had access to 3G! The winner of the quiz was Paul Williams (score to remain undisclosed!) and he is now hopefully in possession of his prize! CONGRATULATIONS PAUL!Pic2QueenThe answers to the quiz for those of you who might like to know are as follows:

1 Where was the Queen’s first State Visit? – NORWAY
2 Who was the first foreign head of State to visit the Queen? – THE KING OF SWEDEN
3 How many people will receive Maundy money from the Queen this year? 180 (90 men & 90 women to represent her 90 years)
4 What is the Queen’s full name? – ELIZABETH ALEXANDRA MARY
5 What are the Queen’s racing colours? – PURPLE & SCARLET
6 Who was the Queen’s first grandchild? – PETER PHILLIPS
7 Why couldn’t the Queen open Parliament in 1959? – SHE WAS PREGNANT
8 How many British Prime Ministers have there been during the Queen’s reign? – 12
Winston Churchill (1951-55), Anthony Eden (1955-59), Harold Macmillan (1959-63), Alec Douglas-Home (1963-64), Harold
Wilson (1964-70 & 1974-76), Edward Heath (1970-74), James Callaghan (1976-79), Margaret Thatcher (1979-90), John Major
(1990-97), Tony Blair (1997-2007), Gordon Brown (2007-2010) and David Cameron (2010-present).
9 What was the name of the Queen’s first corgi? – SUSAN (No not ‘Tiddles’ although it was
suggested by more than one person!)
10 From which country & year did the Queen receive sloths as a gift? BRAZIL IN 1968



There was also a royal photo booth on hand for those who wanted to try out a “new style” although many of you were too shy! Here are a couple of very outgoing little girls.



Thank you again for coming out and supporting the Village Hall and we hope you enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did! See you again soon!