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Somerset recycling tracker 2020/21

The Somerset Waste Partnership briefing for July 2021 contains a breakdown of how each category of materials was recycled in the last 12 months.

An impressive 97.8% was recycled within the UK, with nearly 51% being handled within the County. A copy of the briefing is available here.

Recycle More South Somerset

In case you’ve inadvertently recycled your ‘Keep Me’ leaflet from Somerset Waste Partnership, you can find details of how the new service will operate here.

The first collection for Shepton Montague residents will be Friday 2 July.

Somerset Waste Partnership – Coronavirus Update

The January 2021 briefing paper from SWP explains why collections will commence at 6 am from Monday 1st February and describes how working practices have been impacted by the pandemic.

Residents should ensure that refuse, recycling and garden waste is placed for collection on Thursday evenings as far as possible to avoid being missed.

The full briefing paper is available here.

19 June 2020

 Recycling sites: ‘shop-style’ social distancing on its way

Visitors to Somerset Waste Partnership’s recycling centres will find ‘shop-style’ social distancing arrangements in place over the next week.

Floor markings and other extra signs are being introduced to all 16 sites in the coming days. The set-up will be similar to that seen in supermarkets and other shops, with visitors expected to take responsibility for keeping themselves and others safe.

Sites were closed in March in response to COVID-19 and reopened in May with extra staff and barriers on hand to make sure social distancing was followed and to control access to waste skips.

This extra staffing has been gradually phased out and over the course of the next week, starting on Saturday (20 June), barriers will be removed.

Other safety and access restrictions remain in place:

  • Gloves to be worn when outside the vehicle
  • Maximum of two people per household
  • Trailers and 3.5 tonne vans only allowed between 4pm and 6pm on weekdays
  • Lifting assistance not available.
  • There will be a further update when all sites can take the last few materials currently not being accepted, including glass and cardboard which can be recycled at the kerbside.

Sites have experienced long queues at times, especially in the morning, and the public is still advised to only make trips to the tip if really necessary.

All sites are now open for their usual summer hours. Queue cams are operating for Bridgwater, Chard, Highbridge, Minehead, Street, Taunton, Wells and Yeovil. Please check before you leave

For more information about how to reduce and reuse your waste, visit

5 June 2020

Recycling sites: plastics and wood taken from 8 June

Somerset’s recycling sites will accept more materials from next week.

From Monday 8 June, all 16 sites will take plastic pots, tubs and trays; waste wood (man-made or natural); small household electrical items (such as toasters); and paint.

This is as well as the other materials already being accepted as the service moves back towards business as usual after sites were closed due to COVID-19.

Please remember, any items you would usually pay to have disposed of will not be accepted, such as commercial waste, tyres, gas bottles, soil and hardcore, vehicle parts, plasterboard and asbestos.

All sites are now open for their usual summer hours and the odd and even number plate access system is no longer in place.

Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) is advising people only to come to the sites if they really need to. Long queues are expected, especially first thing in the morning, as the number of unloading bays has been reduced to allow social distancing. Other access restrictions remain in place:

  • Maximum of two people per household
  • Gloves must be worn
  • Strict social distancing
  • Trailers and 3.5 tonne vans only allowed access 4pm-6pm weekdays.

The full list of materials taken at Somerset recycling sites from Monday:

  • Rubbish – material you would usually put in your black rubbish bin, excess black bags not taken by kerbside collections (landfilled in Somerset)
  • Bulky items, such as furniture and mattresses (landfilled in Somerset)
  • Garden waste (composted in Somerset)
  • Large household electrical items – white goods, TVs etc (recycled in UK)
  • Small household electrical items – irons, toaster etc (recycled in UK)
  • Hazardous household chemicals, such as solvents, garden chemicals, paint thinners and antifreeze (treated and disposed of in UK)
  • Cooking oil and engine oil, in disposable containers of up to five litres (recycled in UK)
  • Scrap metal (recycled in UK)
  • Plastic pots, tubs and trays (recycled in UK)
  • Paint (water-based recycled in UK; other paint landfilled)
  • Man-made wood – chipboard, MDF, etc (recycled in UK)
  • Natural wood – untreated timber, tree trunks, etc (recycled in UK)

Access to most recycling skips is not possible. Unless you really need to, please do not bring materials that can go in the continuing weekly recycling collections (these will temporarily be landfilled):

Visit for more about how to reduce and reuse your waste. Visit for the latest information about services and any disruption, and follow @somersetwaste on Twitter and Facebook.



The latest Somerset Waste Partnership briefing for November 2019 is available here.

New collections contractor

Somerset Waste Partnership (SWP) has selected SUEZ recycling and recovery UK (SUEZ) to collect kerbside recycling and rubbish across Somerset.

Full details including the increase in materials to be collected in  weekly kerbside recycling here.

 Waste and Recycling Refuse collection

Click the links for the current (2019/20) calendar

Garden collection – every other Friday

General refuse collection (wheelybins)-  every other Friday

Recycling collection (black and green boxes and brown food-waste box)– every Friday

Somerset Waste Partnership

Paint recycling at sites

As part of the ongoing battle to reduce the amount of household waste we send to landfill, a new paint recycling pilot has now commenced for water based paints at the 14 Recycling Centres and two Community Recycling Sites.

If you find that once you have refreshed your living room wall or given your hall walls a makeover, that you still have some water based paint left over, you now have the option to take it to your local site where it will be accepted for recycling rather than disposal.

The pilot is expected to last for at least six months and will give us an idea of whether the recycling route is a viable option for the future. If you take your water based paints to one of the sites, please let the staff know and they will direct you to the appropriate container.

Just as a reminder, it is still far better to offer your left over paint to someone else who may be able to make use of it rather than taking it to one of the sites.

Recycling sites van and trailer permits

From 3rd October 2016 Somerset Waste Partnership is introducing a new permit system for some vehicles to reduce congestion at its recycling centres.

There is no requirement for permits for private cars (not towing a trailer) and the details for other vehicles can be found here.