Village website consultation

The world has changed a bit since the original village website was set up in 2010.

Social media growth has changed the way information is received and shared for many people. Alongside that, legislative changes around transparency and accessibility have set standards that public bodies such as the Parish Council, must follow in their online presence.

I’ll be leaving the village on 23rd March, but not giving up as webmaster yet, so members of the Parish Council and other interested parties have started to think about how and if the website might change.

To make sure that residents’ views are considered, you have the opportunity to give us your thoughts on any changes you would like to see in the comments section below, and we will look at feasibility.

In the meantime, is there anyone out there who would consider taking on the role of webmaster to administer the site in the future? Experience of WordPress would be great, but good computer literacy and a thirst for new knowledge is all I had when I took the site on in 2015.

It isn’t a particularly onerous role because the reality is that we’re a fairly sleepy village, not a dynamic metropolis where there’s something happening every day. I’ll still be around online to help learn the ropes if needed.

If you’d like to discuss it get in touch or contact Margaret Bowden at

Peter Gane

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2 months ago

Peter, thanks for all the good work and I wish you the very best wherever you are going and whatever you plan to do next! Best, Sarah M.

Julia Hunter
2 months ago

Peter – Unfailingly patient with all that has been asked of you – especially from me – so huge thanks. As we discussed I think ease of access for everyone, alongside necessary compliance, is important so lets hope we can progress with this and that someone comes forward with the knowledge to help!

Susie Dowding
2 months ago

Peter, you have made a huge contribution to the village by managing this website, thank you. Looking to the future, it would be useful to have a village calendar covering all activities in the village.

Oliver Dowding
2 months ago

Peter, thank you for providing this excellent facility and your financial input to making it work. Whilst it may not be used massively, it’s there for all to use! We can’t not have it. I hope there is someone who comes forward who can take this project on.

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